Monitoring/notifying inactive devices?

Hello, i’m wondering if there’s some way to know when a device becomes inactive based on the reported status of chirpstack. my final objective is to have the event of a device becoming inactive as a influxdb record, but if that’s not possible directly, i could implement it myself, what i need is just some way to receive something that indicates that a device has went inactive outside of chirpstack

In Chirpstack, there isn’t a direct built-in feature to receive an event indicating when a device becomes inactive. However, you can implement a custom solution to achieve this. Here’s a possible approach:

  1. Device Heartbeat: Set up a periodic heartbeat mechanism on your devices. The devices should send regular messages or signals to indicate that they are still active. This can be done by configuring your devices to send a specific message or by implementing a keep-alive mechanism where devices send empty payloads at regular intervals.
  2. Monitoring System: Develop a separate monitoring system that listens for these device heartbeat messages outside of Chirpstack. This system can subscribe to the MQTT broker used by Chirpstack and receive the device messages. Alternatively, you can use Chirpstack’s MQTT Integration to forward device messages to your monitoring system.
  3. Inactivity Detection: In your monitoring system, you can implement logic to detect when a device has become inactive based on the absence of recent heartbeat messages. You can define a threshold period of inactivity based on your requirements (e.g., no messages received for a specific duration). Once this threshold is reached, you can trigger the desired action, such as recording an InfluxDB record.
  4. Action on Inactivity: When the monitoring system detects that a device has become inactive, you can generate the InfluxDB record or perform any other desired actions, such as sending notifications or executing specific workflows.

By implementing this custom monitoring system, you can receive indications of device inactivity outside of Chirpstack. It allows you to have more control over the detection and handling of inactive devices.

Keep in mind that implementing a heartbeat mechanism on your devices and setting up a separate monitoring system requires additional development effort. Make sure to consider factors like network bandwidth, power consumption, and the frequency at which devices send heartbeats, as it should strike a balance between timely detection and efficient resource usage.

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