Mosquitto Mqtt autentification Static password and ACL file


I’m trying to make work mosquitto with autentification, using the easiest method, the Static password.
I have docker and mosquitto eclipse last version and i setupded a volume in my docker-compose to be able to setup folders config on that - ./configuration/mosquitto:/mosquitto

Following brocaar instrucions I had to change the proposal config in those istructions from /etc/mosquitto/conf.d/auth.conf, to /mosquitto/config/mosquitto.conf to be able that mosquitto works with password generated , becasue with first proposal mosquitto does not load the configuration “allow_anonymous false”

After that mosquito is working with the generated password, but Chirpstack is not working anymore.
looking at the loog It seems that I need to tell the others components the user/password, I thought… but in the instrucions brocaar, there are nothing to do in this kind of setup. Even for the other two methods there are instructions to do.

What I’m doing bad ??

Have you added the user name and password you setup on the mqtt broker into their configurations?

For example in the gateway bridge that would be the username/password fields in the config (see below) and similar in each of the network server and application server config files:

MQTT authentication.

# Type defines the MQTT authentication type to use.
# Set this to the name of one of the sections below.

  # Generic MQTT authentication.
  # MQTT servers.
  # Configure one or multiple MQTT server to connect to. Each item must be in
  # the following format: scheme://host:port where scheme is tcp, ssl or ws.

  # Connect with the given username (optional)

  # Connect with the given password (optional)

Hi @kaciker , did you solved it your problem? Im trying to do the exacly same thing, but I’m having trouble with acls :confused: