Moving a device from one app to another one, makes the device to stop working

I have a device working fine in one application (test_app) which I use to test device profiles before passing the device to the main application (main_app). After deleting the device in the test application and added it to the main one, the device does not longer join…I can’t even see the JOINs request in the Events/LoRaWAN frames tab…
Switching the device back to the old app (test_app), it starts working fine again…
Is this a bug in Chirpstack? How long should I wait after removing the device in one App until adding it to another app?


In ChirpStack, when moving a device between applications, the join_nonce value could cause issues with rejoining the network.

The join_nonce is a counter value used in the Over-The-Air Activation (OTAA) process in LoRaWAN networks to ensure the uniqueness of each join procedure between a device and a network.

In new application in the database it is set to 0 and should be changed to higher than device counted to to rejoin.

This value is in the database, but you can’t change it through the user interface.

If you think that is your issue and need further assistance, feel free to reply.

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Hello Stas:

Thanks for this information, very useful!
I actually have access to postgresql, and I can see the table device_keys has the join_nonce column which seems to be incremented for this device, as per your instructions.
I updated the join_nonce from 0 to 1, but I still don’t see the JOINs in the Events tab


Have you inspected the server logs for any errors or warnings?

Hello brocaar:
What files should I look for?


Try setting join_nonce to the value higher than the value at the server it works correctly.