Moving lora server to another server


We have a lora server running on server A with docker i would like to move that lora server to server B with all the sensors,data,gateways etc

What is the best way to copy this lora server to another server. do i just copy the images or do i have to copy the volumes as well ?

The volumes are necessary as well as you need all data from Postgres and Redis.

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thanks for the reply is there a quick and easy way to do this?
Is there a command to backup the image and the volumes together ?
Or must i do each one individually?

I’m not sure how portable Docker volume are - I’ve never had cause to move them. I would use the standard export and restore methods for your Postgres and Redis data, respectively.

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I think docker export will copy the volume but not the data

i think i will have to backup and restore the data from the volumes separately