Moving MultiTech Conduit Gateway to another location

Hi Everyone,

I have MTCDT-246A-US-MultiTech Conduit Gateway/Ethernet , which I configured on Chripstack and it was working fine in the current building, but when I moved it to another building it is not online on chripstack and not getting any LoRaWAN frames.

I didn’t change any configuration on the gateway , is there something I missed to do when I moved the gateway to another building.


It sounds like it’s not connected. Ethernet or cellular problem, perhaps?

You may need to check the WiFi/LAN/4G of the gateway.
May be in new building, the gateway is not connected to Internet?

Hi Everyone,

My gateway is a “packet forwarder” of LoRa frames to a remote ChirpStack LNS, and the gateway is currently connected to a private, secure Ethernet network (the building’s network), so is the problem is from the router? do I need to ask the network admin to set up the router to allow the gateway to communicate via Internet ?

I would log into the gateway and verify you actually have connectivity and/or debug from there. It sounds like you don’t.