Mpower firmware not working no change

I have multitech gateway ip67, MTCDTIP model. origannaly the device come with mpower firmware, then I flash it to mlinux 5.2.7 . I am trying to flash mpower firmware on it but it does not change. The gateway remain on the mlinux 5.2.7 version firmware.

how I did it :

1- I downloaded the compressed file of mpower firmware located on this URL

firmware: MTCDT 5.2.1 (signed firmware) with Release Notes

I transfer the file name as :MTCDT_5.2.1_upgrade-signed.bin from my computer to the gateway then i copy it to the directory /var/volatile/flash-upgrade.

sudo touch /var/volatile/do_flash_upgrade
sudo reboot

where is the problem? why the firmware does not change? please, help .


I think it would be better to ask this in the Multitech support channels :slight_smile:

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Thanks brocaar . .

please, I have question about chirpstack configuration:

I need to receive data from sensor node to chirpstack application server. I installed the packet forwarder and chirpstack-gateway-bridge on multitech following the instruction in this url:

Therefore, I installed chirpstack-gateway-bridge and chirpstack-network-server and chirpstack-application-server on my laptop following the instructions on this urls respectively.:

However, I can not see my gateway online on the application server, also I do not see my sending data on the chirpstack-network-server although I verified the log file an found no error

so where is the problem in this case?

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Choose one of them, not both, and configure bridge regarding your choice.

Thanks a lot for response eugenev …

The problem that when I do not install the gateway bridge on gateway, and verify the ping (chirpstack gateway bridge, I can not see it receiving data from packet forwarder ( tested by ping) . on another side, when chirpstack installed on gateway, and verify receiving data, it seems work.

and based on what you comment " Choose one of them, not both, and configure bridge regarding your choice" . It seems a configuration problem, so what it the key configuration part that responsible on such things. the key configuration among all these component:

frome packet forwarder --> chirpstack-gateway-bridge --> chirpstack-network server --> chirpstack-application-server .

  1. The packet forwarder is installed on the gateway itself.
  2. suppose that chirpstack-gateway-bridge not on the gateway itself but on the laptop.
    thus, what is the key configure 1 with 2.
  3. cirpstack-network-server on the laptop.
    thus, what is the key configure 2 with 3
  4. chirpstack-application-server on the laptop.
    thus, what is the key configure 3 and 4.

The gateway I use is multitech, and it is accessed to the internet by dhcp, and have an ip-address from the router 192.168. . .

pls help , I highly appraciate…

@IOTchirp lets not mix different questions in a single topic to keep the forum organized :slight_smile: I don’t think the above question is related to the Mpower firmware installation.

you are right brocaar … I am going to open new topic on a proper forum

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