Mqtt authentication & authorization
Follow the steps, but it does not work
who can help me?

Hello @shixingsun,

Could you please clarify your issue?
Where exactly error occurs?

Thank you

only use the acls not Mosquitto Auth Plugin
error: connection refused

thanks bro here the problem

add the loraroot user and passwd
why dnt sub the topic?

The mosquitto_sub cli is unable to connect to your MQTT broker. Make sure:

  • Mosquitto is up and running
  • Your credentials are entered correctly

You could also inspect your Mosquitto logs. Not tested but you should be able to find them using journalctl -f -n 100 -u mosquitto or somewhere under /var/logs/mosquitto..... That might give you a clue :slight_smile:

what is means about the logs?@brocaar

nice the problem has sloved thaks brocaar

Could you share what the issue was and how you solved it?

ok I just make a little mistake
first I use the acls not plug,and then you should check the mqtt server(comand line $:mosquitto)
if you find some logs in the terminal. congratulation!!!!you make great progress
thanks brocaar