Mqtt Broker and Chirpstack on same Server?

Hi everyone,

i have installed Chirpstack Network-App-Gateway … and everything is fine .

the question is shall we also install Mqttl Broker too or is by default installed ?
and another question : shall i install Mqtt brocker separate on another Linux-Ubuntu or can i install on that linux Server that i have installed the Chirpstack Services?

Thank you

I use all chirpstack servers, databases, mosquitto and nodered on a tiny debian server (Hardkernel HC-1). Works like a charm.
But I have a testing environment.
If you set up a production maybe you want to separate it. Maybe a firewall between servers and broker to build security zones.

For ChirpStack this does not matter. But as @fromcologne describes, when scaling up it might be easier to separate all services.

Thank you. and please check your email ,)