MQTT Connection Refused

Can somebody help me, I’m quite new to setting up a lorawan server. We are using the “rak7249 outdoor gateway” and I have been following their guide on their site:

I have successfully installed Chirpstack on my Raspberry PI, but after following their guide to be able to use their product on my server I get this:

"Dec 01 17:08:04 raspberrypi chirpstack-network-server[1425]: time=“2019-12-01T17:08:04Z” level=error msg=“gateway/mqtt: connecting to mqtt broker failed, will retry in 2s: Network Error : dial tcp connect: connection refused”

I’m not sure to resolve this, hope someone on this forum can help me.


According to the RAK7249 doc it use port 8883 for MQTT, and into your error messages you are using 1883… you should double check this …

So which port are you using… ?


Regardless of how your gateway is configured, your network server is attempting to talk to the MQTT server on localhost 1883, where it is not running. At the very least, you need to point your network server at the right place.

Thanks for the response. You guys were right, the port was not configured properly. It was very late for me last night. However, after fixing the port problem, I now got a different error: “Network Error : remote error: tls: protocol version not supported”

I contacted the manufacturer as well, they said they have an issue right now with TLS certification and is currently not working.