MQTT data not decoded in rx topic

Hi all,

I have two RAK gateways and I display the data transmitted by the devices thanks to MQTT.fx.

I am using the same device in both cases but the content of the topics are different:

On one gateway I get the decoded data:


On the other one the object containing the decoded data is absent


I would like to have the decoded data in the topic in both cases

I guess it is a configuration issue, but which one ?

Thank you for your support.


Have you checked the data tab of the device in the web-interface? If there is a codec issue, you will see it there.

Hi Brocaar,

Thank you for your reply:

This is the interface that does not show decoded data:

This is the that that shows data:


The one that does not show decoded data has been put into service one year ago, the second one has just two months. Can it be a Chirspstack release related issue ?

Where can I find the procedure to update the Chirpstack SW ?

Thanks a lot




I have found a solution to my problem: I made a simple Node-RED flow that subscibes to the MQTT topic and decodes the Base64 data in the message:

The dasboard looks like this: