Mqtt integration don't send all events

I have 4 devices conected on a gateway.
They are comunicating with my Chirpstark , but the MQTT integrations don’t send all events.

One device is set to send information every 5 minutes, the chirpstack receive the UP event, but he don’t send all mensages through MQTT, something like every 4 or 5 events.

I need to get all events through MQTT

I’m using the MQTT integration.

My chirpstack.toml file :


MQTT integration configuration.


# Event topic template.

# Command topic.
# This is the topic on which the MQTT subscribes for receiving (enqueue) commands.

# Use JSON encoding instead of Protobuf (binary).

# MQTT server (e.g. scheme://host:port where scheme is tcp, ssl or ws)

# Connect with the given username (optional)

# Connect with the given password (optional)

# Quality of service level
# 0: at most once
# 1: at least once
# 2: exactly once
# Note: an increase of this value will decrease the performance.
# For more information:

# Clean session
# Set the "clean session" flag in the connect message when this client
# connects to an MQTT broker. By setting this flag you are indicating
# that no messages saved by the broker for this client should be delivered.

# Client ID
# Set the client id to be used by this client when connecting to the MQTT
# broker. A client id must be no longer than 23 characters. If left blank,
# a random id will be generated by ChirpStack.

# CA certificate file (optional)
# Use this when setting up a secure connection (when server uses ssl://...)
# but the certificate used by the server is not trusted by any CA certificate
# on the server (e.g. when self generated).

# TLS certificate file (optional)

# TLS key file (optional)

Hi @Gregorio_G_Lombardi ,

Could you please describe how you are testing that not all messages are transmitted to MQTT?

I guess you are subscribed somehow to topic application/… In MQTT broker.

You should check that messages published on that topics are the same as Uplinks received on devices Live Data tab.


Yes, I checked on the Live Data tab and they dont match.

I’m saving and logging all MQTT messages recived on ‘application/#’ topic.
and they don’t match with Chirpstack events on the plataform.

The plataform recives each 5 minutes, but the MQTT topic application/# dosen’t.