MQTT integration to EMQX


My ChirpStack is working fine and all the incoming messages are sent to a Queue with the Azure Service Bus integration, which is working perfectly.
I also want to sent all the messages to EMQX with the MQTT integration, I’m wondering how I set this up.
When I click on Get Certificate for MQTT integration on the integrations page I always get this error:
Read mqtt ca_cert

How can I setup that ChirpStack also sent all the messages to EMQX topic?

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You probably want to configure the [integration.mqtt] section in the chirpstack.toml config.

I’m very new to ChirpStack. I have an Dragino LPS2-V2 and I want to configure MQTT with the built-in ChirpStack server. How do I “configure the [integration.mqtt]section in thechirpstack.toml` config”?

Brocaar was referencing the guide here: Mosquitto TLS configuration - ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server documentation.

But just to be clear: the “MQTT Integration” button only signs a certificate you can use to subscribe to the MQTT broker topics if you have already set up Mosquitto TLS using the guide above. If you have not set up TLS you can use the command: mosquitto_sub -v -h broker_ip -p 1883 -t '#' to subscribe to the MQTT topics.

For the original post: if you are looking to have all Chirpstack topics mirrored to an EMQX topic it would take configuring many files throughout Chirpstack. If i’m understanding your goal properly, the simpler solution is probably to use MQTT-mirror or MQTT-bridge to copy the topics to another broker that uses the alternative topic prefixes, rather than try to change the whole way Chirpstack works. Looks like someone did something similar here.

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Thank you. This helped!

I also have current needs.
The web operation only obtains the certificate. Afterwards, I don’t know how to operate it.
What binary program is needed to configure. Or add the EMQX address port topic directly to the chirpstack.toml configuration file??