MQTT Integration with v4

I’m trying to achieve something that I thought it was easier: To configure an application integration from Chirpstack. So for example, to configure an HTTP integration for a certain Application, I go to the GUI and add the integration from there. For MQTT I’d like a similar thing to be achieved: All messages received for an application to be forwarded to another MQTT server. Is that possible? I could not find an example to follow. I tried multiple “server” keywords in chirpstack.toml, but it fails as it is invalid to have the same keyword twice.

Any advise will be appreciated.

Ok, I had to ask it to find the answer… So here is the answer for future reference of others. In mosquitto.conf you can configure a “bridge”, so that mosquitto forwards certain topics to other MQTT servers. Here is an example config within mosquitto.conf:

connection Climate-Sensors
topic application/f13ff551-bba3-43a2-904f-69921dd5aca1/device/+/event/up out

I hope this helps others.
Best regards,