MQTT integration

Im trying to add MQTT integration to the application, I managed to generate the certs file and I add the following to the chirpstack-application-server.toml file:

when I press generate certificate, I got (open certs/ca/ca.pem: no such file or directory (code: 2))

can anyone please explain where should I add the certs file?

thanks :slight_smile:

how are you deploying the services? If it’s a container you need to “mount” them.

Thank you for replaying.
yes I’m using docker-compose.
can you please explain what do you mean with mount them?

After running inspect for the AP sudo docker inspect chirpstack-docker_chirpstack-application-server_1 , I got the following

“Mounts”: [
“Type”: “bind”,
“Source”: “{path}/chirpstack-docker/configuration/chirpstack-application-server”,
“Destination”: “/etc/chirpstack-application-server”,
“Mode”: “rw”,
“RW”: true,
“Propagation”: “rprivate”

I added the certs file to source location, but it didn’t work.
I guess I’m missing something.

Have you tried with using absolute paths? Instead of:


These paths are relative to “something” :slight_smile:

Thank you for your replay,
I managed to do so, thanks for @j0a0vit0r, I copied the certs file to etc, and then updated that path :slight_smile:

thanks a lot


@Ibrahim_Omari ,I have the same problem. Can you give me some explication please?how did you do it? what is the exact path of the certs file? and is it on chirpstack-docker or in a separate file ?

Thank you