MQTT ----subscribe

when i called “gateway/60c5a8fffe74d5f2/event/stats” then i got this message but able to understand meaning .
Could you tell how to decode it.


qos : 0, retain : false, cmd : publish, dup : false, topic : gateway/60c5a8fffe74d5f2/event/stats, messageId : , length : 71, Raw payload : 1089619716825525411621324218682092292542315741352574651504650535346495749

As of v3, the network gateway bridge sends in Protobuf format by default (it was an option previously).

for ease of debugging, you can edit the lora-gateway-bridge.toml config file and change the line:
And you’ll see the data in plain-text json. Protobuf is recommended for production use as it is more compact.