Mqtt2to3 subcommand with ChirpStack Network Server

With latest releases there is no “mqtt2to3 subcommand” available?

komro@komro:~$ chirpstack-network-server --help
ChirpStack Network Server is an open-source LoRaWAN Network Server, part of the ChirpStack Network Server stack
> documentation & support:
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chirpstack-network-server [flags]
chirpstack-network-server [command]

Available Commands:
configfile Print the ChirpStack Network Server configuration file
help Help about any command
print-ds Print the device-session as JSON (for debugging)
version Print the ChirpStack Network Server version

-c, --config string path to configuration file (optional)
-h, --help help for chirpstack-network-server
–log-level int debug=5, info=4, error=2, fatal=1, panic=0 (default 4)

Use “chirpstack-network-server [command] --help” for more information about a command.

It is not available as the rename to ChirpStack happened in v3.

It was available in the v2 release to make it possible to migrate the Gateway Bridge instances to v3, before migrating the Network Server to v3.

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