MQTTS connection error

I need some help please.
The lora gateway installed on my gateway bridge is may be old … and as i can see it’s a binary file that i start like this:

  • /home/root/lora-gateway-bridge/bin/lora-gateway-bridge --udp-bind $UDP_HOST:$UDP_PORT --mqtt-server ssl://$MQTT_HOST:$MQTT_PORT mqtt-ca-cert $CERT --mqtt-username $USERNAME --mqtt-password $PASSWORD #2>&1 | $LOGGER &

I’m trying to connect to my remote mosquitto over tls, so from the physical gateway where is installed my gateway bridge to my mosquitto server and i got this error when i display status of my gateway bridge service:

  • Nov 30 17:19:38 lora-gateway-1[1470]: time=“2018-11-30T17:19:38Z” level=info msg=“backend: connecting to mqtt broker” server=“ssl://<my_domain_name>:8883”
    Nov 30 17:19:38 lora-gateway-1[1470]: time=“2018-11-30T17:19:38Z” level=error msg=“could not setup mqtt backend, retry in 2 seconds: Identifier rejected”

And on cloud side, where i’m using an nginx server to redirect locally (1883) all mqtt connection on port 8883, this error:

  • mosquitto_1 | 1543598376: New connection from on port 1883.
    mosquitto_1 | 1543598376: Socket error on client , disconnecting.

An other point, the version of my gateway bridge is below:

Thanks a lot for your help …

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