Multi-provider LoRa network

The company I work for has an idea to use multiplexers for using multiple LoRa network providers at the same time.

I do not feel this is a great idea for many reasons but I am having a hard time getting my point across.

Assuming these network operators even agree to use multiplexers, the idea is to use two external network operators and also use our own gateways. The benefints seen in a solution like this is that we get full controll of the devices in out own chirpstack but at the same time we get better coverage with other network providers gateways.

I would like the forums input on this to help me either get my point across or change my mind.

What are some benefits and some problems with a design like this? Should this even be a considered architecture for a production network?

How does your solution compare to the (still young) LoRaWAN roaming? Is there enough of an advantage to justify a new design/complexity for network operators?

I only know LoRaWAN roaming briefly and don’t know exactly how this works or what is needed (NetIDs and DevAddr for routing and such). I does however sound like a much better idea than building our own network roaming based on broadcast multiplexing.

LoRaWAN Roaming looked like a good idea and it seems like a solid approach to having multiple nework providers. Sad to say the providers in question does not offer this directly to customers and only do it between themselves and other providers.

As of now the best option seems to be an external join server where we manualy pick the best provider network (or our own) manualy with no roaming capability.