Multi-region support for device profiles

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We have a use case where our gateways are mobile and they travel from one region to another (e.g. from EU868 to US915). The LoRa devices also support multiple regions and they connect to the gateway based on their location (EU868 when in Europe, and US915 when in the US).

We had no issues setting that up with Chirpstack v3, because the device profiles didn’t require us to specify a region. However, we are currently migrating to Chirpstack v4 and we noticed that the new version requires the device profile to be linked to a single region, and we cannot create two devices with the same DevEUI linked to 2 different profiles.

We have more than 10k devices provisioned, so running a script to change all of the devices’ profiles every time we switch bands isn’t ideal. Furthermore, in regions that support 2 bands, we keep both bands available and we leave the preference to the device to connect through its preferred band.

Is there a way in Chirpstack v4 to have one device (single DevEUI) work on multiple bands/regions at the same time like it used to be in v3?

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I think I have asked this question before.

And there is frequency settings in device profile.
So device profiles can not applied to multiple regions yet.

Thanks @datnus for the reply. Do you know if this is something that might still come or is it not going to change by design?

Since we have devices that use different regions with the same DevEui, this is a total showstopper for migrating to v4, which we would really like to do.

Or is there maybe a workaround?

No idea why 1 DevEui can use multiple regions?
Is it a global tracker?

We have region configurations. May be variants of a region.
I also want to know other workarounds.

Yes, it’s a global tracker inside shipping containers, the containers travel across the globe, and the device manufacturer supports most LoRa regions. However, the device uses the same DevEui (since it’s the same device) for all of the regions.

We are currently using Chirpstack v3 in our solution since there’s no constrain on which region a device can or can’t join.

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I think the proper solution would be the option to assign multiple device-profiles to a single device. That way, each device-profile could have its region specific settings (e.g. frequencies, data-rates, et…).

At this moment I have no plans to implement this any time soon, but I’m open to discuss pull-requests for this. Alternatively, please feel free to reach out to me by e-mail to see how I can support you with this.

Thanks @brocaar for the reply!
That definitely makes sense, and I agree that it would be a good solution.

I will discuss internally with my team and get back to you. Thanks again

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We think its also a very useful option more auto frequency devices are showing up currently so it good to make a profile containing multiple regions.

Could you list / link some devices that support this?


Hi @brocaar
Sensecap T1000 is the first device where we are currently testing this with.


Thanks, I wasn’t aware about that yet :slight_smile:

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