Multicast personalization on Node


We are assessing to use your Lora Server, but I would like to know how to implement Multicast messaging on my end-node (currently using Murata Module with ST LoRa libraries based on Lora Stack by StackForce ).

If I have understood well your multicast support (Device group configuration) requires personalization on the node itself, right?
How many device groups can be set for a single node?

Where can I find information about the personalization to implenent in our nodes so as to being able to support Multacast messages from your LoraServer?

Regards, Ramon.

It is correct that when you setup a multicast-group, this must be personalized at the device-side.

Please refer to the LoRaWAN specification for more information about multicast. How this is implemented at the device-side is vendor specific (also if Class-B and / or Class-C multicast is supported). It is also vendor specific how many multicast-groups a device can be part of.

Thanks for youur answer.

I will find out how to setup groups in my device.

On the server side. Is there any example where I can see how multicast or device groups are setup in LoraServer?
Is still needed to setup a ABP dummy node so as to perform the multicast?

Other important question. As far as I have understood in this post:

In a scenario where there are several gateways the Multicast message can not be sent by all gateways. Right?

But having a look at the changelog of LoraServer 2.1.0 says the following:
This adds experimental support for creating multicast-groups to which devices
can be assigned (potentially covered by multiple gateways).

Does this mean the server now sends the Multicast message through all/Multiple gateways linked to the server?

Regards, Ramon.

It sends the downlink to the minimal set of gateways to cover all devices within the multicast-group.

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