Multiple Gateway Bridge

Good morning everyone,
2 questions:

  1. Can I add a new Gateway Bridge that points to the same MQTT (mosquitto)?

  2. I might have a single Chirpstack with multiple Gateway Bridge and MQTT on same EU868?

Yes to both. You have the option of running Gateway Bridge on the gateway itself, in which case you could have thousands of Bridges talking to the same MQTT and ChirpStack instance.

But you can also have multiple cloud Bridges if you wanted - running on different channel plans for regions that support that, for instance.

I installed a new VM with a gateway bridge and a mosquito mqtt, the bridge is connected to the local mosquito. How do I get chirpstack to connect to the other mqtt too?..
Chirpstack Application is already connected to an mqtt on the same VM.
For IP and FW reasons I have to expand.

Do you really need to have two Mosquitto MQTT brokers? In the first place, I don’t think Chirpstack can connect to multiple MQTT brokers, simultaneously.

You can connect all your listed components to the same MQTT broker.

From the diagram it seems so, I’m only doing it for a NAT problem. if the gateway bridge is not possible I will have it connected to the main mosquitto.

This is possible, as in each region_xxxxx.toml file you can configure separate MQTT broker config :slight_smile:

ok thanks for you support