Multiple gateways / Unique uplink - HA Scenario simulation


I’ve set up an HA (High Availability) architecture and it seems to work correctly. To be sure that everything’s fine and ready for production I’ve tried brocaar/chirpstack-simulation for some stress test, but it seems during simulation that there is only one MQTT connection for all gateways if I understood what the simulation is doing, so the de-duplication process occurs only on one MQTT back-end. I wanted to test if de-duplication is correctly done when 2 or multiple gateways receive the same uplinks from one or multiple devices but I see no way of doing that with current simulator … I’ve found the existence of lorhammer and maybe suits my need, but before diving into this I wanted to be sure if what I’m trying to achieve is :

  • possible with chirpstack-simulator
  • make sense

Thanks in advance!

Update : finally grabbed 4 gateways and did the test manually and everything works !