Multiple gateways with different frequency plan


Is it possible to use different gateways, each gateway has its own frequency plan, and one chirpstack network server?
how can I configure that in chirpstack?
when a OTAA device joins, what is the frequency plan pushed to the device?

2 questions:

  1. Are your devices class A, B, or C?
  2. What packet forwarder are you using? Basicstation or packetforwarder?


The answer should be no.
When you setup a Network Server you set the regional server band to use and each regional band has its own features apart from the frequencies to use, so selecting more than one regional band will not work properly.

The best solution is to run more than one different Network Server, each one with its own Gateway Bridge and one application server for all of them.

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I’m using Class C device. the gateways are from RAK, using MQTT.


How about gateways that support two concentrators (e.g. RAK 7249) which can work with total of 16 channels?
How would chirpstack network server be configured to support that?

Depending on the packet-forwarder running on the gateway, it might act just as a 16 channel gateway, or as two gateway with each 8 channels.

Either way, you could configure ChirpStack for 16 channels. In case of a 2x 8 channel gateway, half of the channels would be covered by “gateway 1” and the other half by “gateway 2” :slight_smile: