Multiple HTTP Integrations for a single application

Is it planned to have multiple HTTP integrations for a single application in future?

You can already use multiple URLs by comma separating them :slight_smile:


Hi @brocaar, what if my metada is different for different http integrations :frowning:

It is hard to serve all uses-cases, so I’m sorry if the comma separated URLs doesn’t work for you. If you need to send different data to different HTTP integrations, then you might need to implement an application between ChirpStack and your different HTTP endpoints. At this moment I’m not planning to support different integrations of the same kind as it would introduce breaking changes to the API and it would add a fair amount of additional complexity.

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I ran into the same question today. Multiple URLs are ok, but different integrations want different Headers or Protocols. The only way I see that from working is to have multiple instances of the same type of integration.


  • 3rd party server expects JSON with an Authentication header with Basic Auth
  • My server expects Protobufs with Authentication header containing Bearer Token

Github issue: Multiple HTTP Integrations with different headers · Issue #662 · brocaar/chirpstack-application-server · GitHub