Multiple MQTT broker


I need to configure the chirpstack-gateway-bridge to connect to 2 mqtt brokers (one in local the other one in cloud). I know that it’s possible to configure multiple broker in configuration file but it seems that only the first available server is working.

I know that it’s possible to use a mosquitto broker in local configured as bridge but I want to test the chirpstack-gateway-bridge alone first. I’ll consider this solution if it’s not possible to connect multiple broker.

Thx in advance.

I have the same problem, but I have created a new database and would like to send data directly to PostgreSQL in Chirpstack and another database. Although I searched extensively, I was unable to find a solution. For example, the broker in Chirpstack currently sends data on port 54, while a new database will use port 55. On the server, I am unable to access Chirpstack on the docker. It is unclear to me which permissions should be set on the server. I hope @brocaar can help us.