Multiple Objects in single table with InfluxDB integration


I understand that when I use Chirpstack with InfluxDB, each object in the decoded JSON is stored on a separate table. Say, I have the following JSON:

objectJSON: {
“key_A”: val1,
“key_B”: val2

The integration will create two tables: device_frmpayload_data_key_A and device_frmpayload_data_key_B.

Is there a way to configure the integration so that it creates only one table with both key_A and key_B as columns?


This is not possible currently, key_A and key_B are currently considered separate measurements.

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Thanks for your confirmation @brocaar !

Hello @brocaar ,

Following @leonardo’s example. What would be the best way to merge back key_A with key_B? Fortunately, latitude, longitude, and GeoHash are values of same frmpayload_data_location measurement. But I still wonder how to reunite measurement that should be together like acceleration_x, acceleration_y, and acceleration_z (among other use cases). InfluxQL has no merge functionality. But Flux has the join() function that works like SQL’s JOIN statement. However, it only allows to join two streams.

Maybe, you have a suggestion rather than trying to chain nested join().

Thank you for your time and collaboration.

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