Multiple Uplink Channel

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When we are dealing with 8 and 16 channels gateways what is the best way to provide to both the correct uplink channel settings?

I know that there is the gateway profile configuration inside the web interface, but in the end of the day the configuration inside loraserver.toml is always the main one.

Should we leave the enabled_uplink_channels filed inside loraserver.toml empty and only configure/deal with gateway profiles inside web interface provided by Lora-App-Server?

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Pietro Zuchinali

Any inputs on that? @brocaar can you help us out? I think there is a symple answer to that maybe.

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Hi! Orne won’t be available for the next couple of days. Could you take a look at this post to see if it helps? If that’s the case, please let me know.

I’ll close this topic. The topic @iegomez is referring to is a better topic to discuss this.

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