Multiple uplink - HTTP integration


Often multiple sensors send data a few seconds apart (1 to 5 seconds), if not at the same time sometime.

On my application database i only have data from the first transmit but not the second or more. The second sensor sends data 1 second later than the first. It’s like there is a conflict because two http requests are sendig data at the same time on the same endpoint.

I want to know how can i received all data from two or more sensors at the same time. It is possible to create a queue ?


How long is your sending interval?
Can set to send message every 5 minutes.

It deppends. I have sensors that send every 20 minutes other at one hour or 10 minutes.
But with the number, the probalibiliy that sensors send at the same time increases propotionally with the number of new sensors connected to the network. Until now (6 mounth of test) i have never had this problem. But i added new sensors recently and the problem appears.

Yes, I can set a send every 5 minutes. But some monitored parameters do not need to have this precision because they change slowly. For power management, I set the correct interval on the parameters and the precision I want.

I have some douts that chirpstack doesn’t allow multiple http requests at the same time, but i need confirmation. If so, the problem may be with my endpoint script and/or my app server. Indeed for the tests i use an endpoint write in PHP. The POST data are collected with php://input function.

I’m not aware about any limitations with regards to concurrent HTTP requestions from the HTTP integration. have you checked the ChirpStack server logs? That is usually a good start for debugging issues :slight_smile:

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You’re right, I’ll check.

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