[Multitech Conduit] Can't receive any packets transmitted by a mdot

Hi There, I have been struggling for a while now to get my multitech conduit to actually accept any packages using the gateway bridge and the packet forwarder.
I have tested the rest of the LoRaWAN setup using https://github.com/iegomez/lds and have gotten it working perfectly.
The Conduit is the MTAC-LORA-868 model, and the MDOT is the MDOT-868-8±X1P-SMA
Node - Configuration has been done via the steps here
Network Server configuration is done using the EU-868 Example and are being transferred correctly to the conduit.

Maybe the instructions you linked work for a different firmware or are outdated. You should check Multitech’s docs, specially the AT commands guide.

Have looked extensively at those, the commands seem to work fine, and the factory settings SHOULD have all the frequency settings correct for the EU868 Bands, however I cannot receive any RX packets on the Packet Forwarder. The M-Dot device seems to send the packets perfectly fine, however it times out attempting to receive a response from the Packet Forwarder.

Are you sure the packet forwarder is working correctly? Do you see any stats for your gateway?

Semi certain, I get stats for the gateway as confirmed via TCP dump as well as the stats MQTT messages, occasionally I get stats messages with rxnb values larger than 0 or else everything is equal to zero, however they dont seem to be dependent on when I actually transmit messages. Output from the packetforwarder seems to be completely normal with 0 RX packets received

That sounds like transmissions from the mdot device aren’t received by the gateway at all.

And an update for everybody reading this thread in the future, the problem is solved… The electricians who roof mounted the gateway didnt connect up the antenna to the RF port :man_facepalming:
@iegomez thanks for the sanity checks!