Multitech Conduit Conversion: mLinux to AEP


I am willing to convert my MultiConnect Conduit MTCDT-210L-US-EU-GB that comes with mLinux to AEP version. Any guide for that?

Thank you

Did you see

Thank you. I solved with Multitech support directly.

Could you share how you solved it? It could be helpful to others :slight_smile:

Just go to: Create an account and a case with the tech support and they will provide you with the instructions and files.

Instructions here work both ways. AEP to mLinux or vice versa.

Follow directions with upgrade.bin file. Download upgrade files here.

Hey guys, I asked Multitech and here is the answer:

Good morning Nicolas

Please find attached version AEP 1.4.3 with instruction on how to convert to AEP.
Once you have done the above please then upgrade to 1.6.4 and the 5.0.0 to be on the latest AEP firmware.


They sent me 3 files attached (so I have no link I can share):

• ‘’ (81.83 MB)
• ‘’ (98.16 MB)
• ‘’ (102.79 MB)

1.6.4 and 5.0.0 are here:

But the first one I couldn’t find it on dw. Maybe the version 1.4.17 or 1.4.4 are the same?
You need this zip because this is the only one that has inside :

The other 2 zip have only the .bin file.