[Multitech Conduit] Downupgrading MLinux 4.1.9

I installed the new version 4.1.9 of mLinux, found problems with the installation and execution of the package lora-packet-forwarder-usb_1.4.1-r2.0_arm926ejste.ipk, I see by the documentation, questions and answers of your forum that with the version of mLinux that you all try and work is the 4.0.1, is there the possibility of returning to this version? I tried to perform the detailed commands for the update
mkdir /var/volatile/flash-upgrade {…} with the versions of the images I want, but I can’t do downupgrading.
Any idea how to do this? Have you encountered problems in mLinux version 4.1.9?


SOLUTION: To ask if someone finds the same mistake and needs help, I will be happy to help.