[Multitech Conduit] lora-packet-forwarder-usb configuration

Note: on the first start of the packet-forwarder it will detect for you the version of your MTAC-LORA cards (868 or 915). It will then automatically generate the correct configuration for you.

Configuration is stored in /var/config/lora-packet-forwarder-usb directory and can be modified after the first start.

I’m with the LoraPacketForwarderUSB configuration someone can tell me what this means, should I take the global.json files created in /opt/ and copy them into /var/config/lora-packet-forwarder-usb?

It means that when you start the lora-packet-forwarder-usb that it will generate either the eu868 or us915 configuration and writes this to the /var/config/lora-packet-forwarder-usb directory.

So there is nothing to copy yourself, but it will be empty until you start the packet-forwarder for the first time.

Good morning,
My problem is that I can’t start it, if the file /etc/init.d/lora-packet-forwarder-usb, I edit it by removing /background to show me the output of the command, it appears to me that it can’t start. Is this package the lora-packet-forwarder-usb? The one that I must execute since I have a MTAC-LORA-G16-868?

lora-gateway-usb-utils_1.7.0mts-r9.1.0_arm926ejste.ipk could anyone tell me about this package? According to WEB the installation of it would create the /opt/lora directory and according to other information there is where pkt_fwd would be found. Am I right?