Multitech Conduit (lora-packet-forwarder-usb)


I have followed all the steps described on the documentation On the gateway/multitech, nevertheless i can´t see my gateway in the lora server app. When i followed the debuggin steps of the LoRa Gateway Bridge related issues, i´ve realized that the packet forwarder is not running, but i don’t understand why. I´m using mLinux with MTAC-LORA-915 and i already tested it with the command mts-io-sysfs show ap1/product-id. Is there an aditional step to do on the “Multiconnect conduit” that i’m missing beside the ones described on the documentation? .

I really don´t understand if I have to follow some of the steps described in the Multitech webSite: Convert to Basic Packet Forwarder .

It’s important to say that I have worked with this gateway for a while. I have a server running mosquito in a C++ application subcribed to the mqtt of the multiconnect gateway. So the lora_network_server service of the gateway is running, I’m still able to see Lora node packets arriving on the lora/+/up mqtt topic.I don’t know if this could be an issue.

Thanks in Advance.

That might be your issue. Given that you see the packages received by the Multitech network-server, it looks like your gateway is not properly configured to forward data to the LoRa Gateway Bridge.

Ok, It works already , I made a fresh start installing again the mLinux with no configurations provided by Multitech. I folled again all the steps described in the lora server docs and now I can see my lora packets in the lora server.

Thank you.

Great! That is exactly the reason why I suggest in the documentation to re-flash using the mLinux-base- image :wink: (many people are running in these kind of issues when using the Multitech software).

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