[Multitech Conduit] MTCAP-915 - Region ID au915

Dear all, I have a little question. From where is taken the value or configuration of the “Region ID” field in the configuration of Gateway (GW)? I mean, I have a Mulittech GW configured (I think correctly) in us915 plan frequency as PACKET_FORWARDER but always I see this value and the “Region common-name” in EU868.

I have installed V4 of ChirpStack.

Thanks in advance.

The Region ID is based on the MQTT topic prefix, e.g. AU915 (channels 0 - 7) gateways would publish to au915_0/gateway/...., EU868 gateways to eu868/gateway/......

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Hi @brocaar. Thak you very much for the response. Just as a comment, we need to set up this prefixes at the gateway and in the ChirpStack also, I mean in the “chirp-stack-bridge.toml” config files.