Multitech Gateway Bridge confusion


I have the entire stack working great. However I am trying to optimize now.

I am using a Multitech Gateway with AEP. I am confused about the Gateway Bridge component. Should I just use the packet forwarder or install the Gateway Bridge on the Gateway for optimal speed and processing?

Also if I use the Multitech mLinux version instead of AEP… what would be the faster approach from a speed perspective… install on gateway or use packet forwarder?


Installing the gateway bridge on the gateway gives you better control over (filtering, MQTT ACLs) what payloads are sent upstream, and allows you to encrypt the outer gateway payloads (as opposed the inner device payloads) using MQTT + TLS.

MultiTech strongly recommends using the AEP version for deployments (unless you plan on writing replacement for a lot of their software, connection manager, etc). Our configuration is Conduit AP (AEP version) with gateway bridge on the device itself.

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