Multitech gateway packet forwarder to kestrel C# Project

I am currently trying to have my gateway forward directly into a kestrel project so that I can handle the requests within the application. The Gateway can see the IP address however I am unsure about how I would set it up to enable the Kestrel project to Receive and when required send down information to the gateway/LoRaDevice.

Am I able to use an API for the gateway to forward the information to or would I need to use a different root?

Any assistance would be great!

Usually, the gateway has an app running on it, to forward uplinks & downlinks between the gateway and the LoRa Network Server (LNS).
Most gateways used to support the Semtech Packet Forwarder, but the replacement for that is the Semtech BasicStation. Some LNS like Chirpstack and TheThingsNetwork also have their own packet forwarders, but those are meant for their specific LNS only.

Normally, there is API to interface with the packet forwarder. But you need to first identify what packet forwarder you will work with.