Multitech Gateways

Problem with sudo command tcpdump -AUq -i lo port 1700.

Hello everyone and please I beg for help,
I am configuring a multitech following the guide, I have installed the packages lora-gateway-bridge_2.7.0-r2 and lora-packet-forwarder-usb_1.4.1-r2.0, I have configured the files global_conf.json and local_conf.json, as well as the lora-gateway-bridge.toml de /var/config/lora-gateway-bridge, all thanks to your guides and contributions to the forum, my problem is that after starting the processes lora-packet-forwarder-usb and lora-gateway-bridge with /etc/init.d/… start I can’t get the command tcpdump -AUq -i lo port 1700 to show anything, in a tracking of the problem I was struck by not being able to observe any process related to Lora with the output ps | grep lora or ps aux | grep lora.

Update the Mlinux firmware version at 4.1.9, always thinking that the most updated version was going to be the correct one.

As an informative note and for help, the output of the commands
mts-io-sysfs show ap1/product-id es :
can´t open ‘sys/devices/platform/mts-io/api1/product-id’: No such file or mts-io-sysfs show lora/hw-version
mts-io-sysfs show lora/product-id

Someone might be able to guide me through the specific configuration.

Any help would be welcome and I’m already disenchanted.

This may not answer your question directly, but we have spoken with MultiTech a bunch of times, and they have strongly advocated not using their mLinux version for serious deployments and to use the AEP version for its superior connection manager. We have a bunch of test deployments of the AEP 1.7.4 version on their MTCAP model (just saw 5.0.0 is now availble, haven’t tried that yet) along with lora-gateway-bridge 3.0.1, and it works beautifully.

First of all, thank you for your answer.

Is there a reliable link where I can refer to perform this process? Among my priorities would be to solve my problem but no matter how much I debug I do not find the fault.

I have managed to lift the gateway-bridge process and now it appears reflected with the command ps aux | grep lora, I continue fighting to solve the packet-forwarder-usb.

I insist again, thank you for your answer!

I detect a new connection in the docker mqtt of a Multitech gateway, but this presents a socket error in the client , shows me an error 140350E5, so I researched has to see with the routines SSL : ACCEPT_SR_CERT: failure of the link protocol ssl. Can anyone guide me on this?
Thank you again.