Multitech gatway can't connect to Chirpstack


We have Mulitech gateway MTCDTIP-L4E1 and need to connect it to Chirpstack cloud but it fail to connect and shows “Never” under “Last seen” column.
The gateway has connection to internet and I added the gateway ID in the Chirpstack dashboard.

I followed the configuration guide here and followed the section “AEP: Setting up the packet-forwarder” I’m wondering what I’m missing? I’m new to the IoT Network and would appreciate any help.

Thank you in advance.


Some gateways, also require to install the chirpstack-gateway-bridge also in the gateway itself (not only on the server pc). I don’t know if it is the case of yours, but, is a possibility.

On the other hand, I would farely use UDP Packet Forwader instead of any other forwader. It seems to me is the better option.

Good luck setting up your projects/networks!


Hi, What gateway ID did you use?

Also check that your packet forwarder is actually running on the gateway

If not, have a look here: MultiTech: IoT Devices & Hardware Company | IoT Device Management

Also have you added the gateway to DeviceHQ?