MultiTech mDot OTAA


I am trying to configure an mDot according to

Where do I find the values for AT+NI and AT+NK

Could you please advise?


Is there anyone who can help with this one?

Hey @tatkinsonaql – I love you right now because your question just made me figure out my problem.

The AT+NI and AT+NK values are HEX values to program the network name and key on the mDot. You can see that here.

In the link you posted, those values are example values. You’ll see that at the top of that article.
The following example data is used:

DevEUI: 0102030405060708
AppEUI: 0807060504030201
AppKey: 01020304050607080910111213141516

For mDot, you have to:

  • get the DevEUI from the back of the device (NODE: 008000…)
  • AppEUI doesn’t actually matter anymore, it just needs a random value.
  • AppKey is set (on OTAA devices) on the edit view of the Applications/Device page, the 2nd tab. For Lorawan 1.0 devices, the network key is the AppKey.

Hope this helps, thanks for helping me find that document, it was hidden!

Hey @toobulkeh

Don’t tell the other half that :wink:

Thank you for your advice, I will give it a go and let you know the outcome. I did try to fight with MT Support but they were less than willing to help and said it was an issue the LoRaServer needed to assist with… :frowning:

Thank you!

So it’s really just a documentation issue. These core concepts have changed a lot on the LoRa specification, and each vendor in the chain needs to update their docs.

I was able to get this working last night, but the commands ATZ and AT+JOIN didn’t work with the latest firmware on the mDot Box. I had to restart things a few times and got it working!