Multitech packet forwarder

Hello everybody,

I’m looking for somebody who set up a connection between the Multitech Conduit gateway and Lora app server.
Shortly, I did all instructions from here(on gateway) LINK
I also added gateway to the LoRa server.(using web interface).

I’m not running LoRa Gateway Bridge. I think that it should work without it, right?

Please correct me, and tell me what configuration files(gateway configs) I need to post to recognize the problem.

Thank you.

You must use the LoRa Gateway Bridge as it converts the packet-forwarder data into JSON over MQTT that LoRa Server understands.

A guide explaining how to setup your Multitech gateway can be found at:

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Thank you for the fast response, brocaar!

So you’re saying that I won’t be able to see my gateway online on LoRa App Server Web Page until I install and configure LoRa Gateway Bridge?

Yes, that is correct.

Then, was does that connection means(on the picture)?
Because it was a bit confusing for me. I thought that setting up packet-forwarder will give me connection between gateway and LoRa server.

That is for the LoRa Gateway Config component (I’m renaming this to LoRa Channel Manager as the current name is confusing). It uses the gRPC api for getting the channel-plan configuration. This component is optional and not needed to get started. See also:

Oh, I think I got it. There is no way to configure packet forwarder on the gateway send packets straight to the NS.
I perceive everything like it’s called. That’s my problem. “packet forwarder” - will forward LoRa frames to the configured NS :grinning:

Thank you for your patience and informative.

Hi Brocaar,

The document mentions that the Multitech Gateway has to be migrated from AEP to mlinux. But the later part of the document talks about package forwarder setups in AEP.
A normal AEP gateway does have the linux command options, is it necessary to wipe out the AEP then?


for your information I have two AEP multitech gateway, both I have installed lora-gateway-bridge directly from the terminal and I have installed the packet forwarder from the web interface, it works perfectly.

I didn’t downgrade from AEP to mlinux.

My recommendation to start with a clean mLinux is because the Multitech packet-forwarder startup script is doing (or has been doing) some symlink magic under the hood when you are using the USB packet-forwarder.

I have seen situations where:

  • Config changes in the AEP web-interface were stored but were never applied
  • Config changes using SSH had no effect
  • Packet-forwarders that failed to start

These things are hard to document when the state of the Conduit is not known :slight_smile: Also, the reset to mLinux will start with a Conduit without any packet-forwarder installed. The packet-forwarder that I’m providing gives you the benefit of starting each module individually (which I’m using myself as lora-packet-forwarder-ap1 starts an EU868 forwarder and -ap2 an US915) and it will also copy the EU868 or US915 channel-plan based on the inserted module.

However, if things work fine using the AEP model, then great and there is no need to migrate to mLinux :slight_smile: