My chirpstack installation dont work properly

I am trying to install a chirpstack LNS and 2* RakW 7240 gateway in a network that dont belong to me and they have a lot of security stuff going on in their network, they have reasured me that port 1700 UDP is open for in and outbound trafic between the server and the gateways.

Sometimes I see a yellow arrow, “join request” but I have never seen a join accept message back. Clearly the Oyster GPS devices from DigitalMatter have joined sometime. The GPS devices are set to send GPS data every 2 hours, but as you can see from attached images the messages are comming in randomly…

At home I started another Oyster GPS and that send data every 10 minutes and never miss, however that is a different network server.

I have a Elsys temperatur sensor, it sends steady every 10 minutes as a check however the RSSI and SNR values are really bad, distance is only 150 meter between GW and Elsys ELT2

Any pro out there that can give me a few suggestions what to check ?

Second image from the packet logger in a Rak wireless GW 7240