Mydevices Integration DOC

Hi everyone,

I´m trying to send data from chirpstack to mydevices white label plattform, and I saw different integrations , but no documentatio. My question is about how this integrations works and what i need to configurate to adapt to my plattform.


From the ChirpStack side, all you need to do is configure the myDevices integration with the correct URL (either the preconfigured ones or a custom URL).

Thanks Broocar, I did not understand at first, how mydevices integration works, I did some tests and now I understood.

I´m going to explain in case someone has the same confusion as me:

Only need to register the device in mydevices or IoTinabox platform and create the integration in Chirpstack, you don´t need any parameters, because Mydevices search the DEVEUI match in their platform and update with data automatically.

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