myDevices Integration on 3.0.8-test.1

I’ve been attempting to test out the mydevices integration on the new 3.0.8-test.1.

First I’d like to know what steps I need to take on the mydevices side to enable the integration. For instance several Lorawan networks are listed under the Lora tab on when you create a device but I don’t see Chirpstack as an option.

If I use the api to add the integration to an existing application I can do so and I pass it the following endpoint url:

As uplinks come in I can see the following in the log:

Feb 01 15:53:37 server chirpstack-application-server[13697]: time=“2020-02-01T15:53:37-05:00” level=info msg=“integration/mydevices: publishing event” ctx_id=a2b0f295-7635-4d8d-ae1b-346ed56f6c2e dev_eui=8daf60672de6eac2 endpoint=“” event=up

I don’t see any errors but how can I get myDevices to actually watch for data from my deveui and populate it in my dashboard? With other networks you specify at least the deveui on after choosing the appropriate network from the Lora menu item.

Hi @bryansmith sorry for the confusion. This will be made available in the Cayenne interface really soon.

Hey @brocaar thanks for the update. I have a thread going on their forum. I also asked if they’d make an alias for the current url which has the words loraserverio. I requested one that says chirpstackio also. :zipper_mouth_face:

I figured that this would be apropos with the name change. :face_with_monocle:

Hey @bryansmith did you ever make any progress with regards to the integration and ChirpStack, it looks like @brocaar has added the Cayenne integration as promised. (Awesome)

I also noticed myDevices made some name changes, perhaps you had a hand in pushing that also.