NanoPi NEO Core support?

i found an commercial already deployed LoRaWAN gateway. inside the case, i found an NanoPi NEO core ( with unknown Lora transceiver cards. all combind with an PCIe shield board (3 PCIe slots available). two of this PCIe slots are slotted with (for me) unknown transceiver, maybe someone can help, see picture.

my question, is an already given chirpstack gateway OS ready for this hardware setup?


The ChirpStack Gateway OS targets Raspberry Pi based gateways, this doesn’t seem to be a Raspberry Pi shield I believe.

the NanoPi NEO core has an H3 CPU, comparable with RP2 ARM CPU. maybe the RP2 image will work, i will try it later.

Please note that unfortunately it is not as simple as that… All the mapping of hardware happens in so-called device-trees. The device-trees that are embedded in the ChirpStack Gateway OS images are really specific to the Pi models… But you can always try :slight_smile:

yes, if have tested and no success. here are a collection of supported ROMs/rootfs files for the nano:

they are also booting and i can connect to the nano with ssh. so how can i use/check or attach to the lora transiver seen at the top of this thread?

I don’t know :slight_smile: Maybe somebody else is able to help you with this? All I can say at this point is that it is not supported by the ChirpStack Gateway OS.