nbRep (nbTrans) wrongly sent?

Almost overnight the NS has start sending NBrep (2 or 3) for no reason as the FC loss was low or none, and many devices do have very good signals… This was approx. 22 days after we applied 20’ new devices (water meters) from another NS. Looked OK the first 20 days, then the no of packets increased almost 50% per 24h due to all the repeated packets. We do observe the server now also reverts back to NBrep =2 and then NBrep=1, but not yet seen any decrease in no of packets. The devices are typical water meters which are configured as ABP (done by previous service vendor) and we had to turn the FC validation OFF due to the devices wrongly do reset their FC. We do also question the need for the nbTrans different from =1 when having devices like the water meters which typically send a number of payloads per 24h with overlapping values just to have a kind of redundancy to cover for some potential packet loss.

  • Is this an expected behaviour from the NS?
  • Recommended to turn this OFF and where then to configure this?

The default ADR algorithm does increase the nbTrans in case of packet-loss (over the last 20 items), and reduces this value in case of a packet-loss decrease. From the server-side, that is the only thing I can think of.

To change the behavior, you could implement and configure a custom ADR algorithm.