Need help troubleshooting gateway DisConnection

I am using rak7268 and managed to connect it to chirpstack application server before but a few days ago because of a power outage the gateway disconnected from the chirpstack server and i have restarted the gateway many times but to no avail.
Can anyone help me to troubleshoot what is wrong with my set up?

I am using rak gateway as a packet forwarder

could there be something wrong with the mqtt broker preventing the rak gateway from joining?

You can use a MQTT client to connect to the MQTT broker to see if the MQTT broker is ok.

i did. It is not connecting so I think the mqtt broker might be down.

However I think there might be another mqtt broker taking its place.

For context I am using a docker to setup my network and application server. The mqtt there stopped a few days ago. But I havent installed any other mosquitto but it is taking over the port 1883. I want to be a little more careful in case the servers come down. I also restarted my application server via the same way and it is working. So since i dont know where this mosquitto connection came from is it safe for me to disconnect and reconnect my original broker from the docker?

Picture of the mosquitto I did not install, don’t know where it came from or if it is the same one.

Picture of the moqsuitto I am using a few days before it was disconnected

I am using ubuntu 22.04.4LTS serial connection for all the setup