Need help with a device using the Pi Pico and RFM95W?

I have an in-house made device using the Raspberry Pi Pico with an RFM95W. The software is from GitHub - ArmDeveloperEcosystem/lorawan-library-for-pico: Enable LoRaWAN communications on your Raspberry Pi Pico or any RP2040 based board. 📡

While it it the first time I have installed Chirpstack, it appears to be functioning properly. The server receives JoinRequests from my device and sends JoinAccepts. The problem is that my device does not recognize the JoinAccepts and continues to send JoinRequests. My guess is that there is a frequency mismatch when my server transmits the JoinAccept to my device but I have no idea on how to troubleshoot that.

My server is Chirpstack v4 on a Raspberry Pi 4. The RAK2287 is used with a Pi Hat on the same Pi 4. If any of my config files or debug outputs are helpful I can post them. Otherwise, has anyone used the ArmDeveloperEcosystem software successfully? Any advice on how to verify that the device is receiving on the same frequency that the server is transmitting on?

The Hope RF is not the best of boards. I would take a guess & say it’s timing related.
Is there a debug option in the LoRaWAN library? What region/frequency are you using?

I use the Pico with Seeed Grove Wio-E5 this uses a simple serial AT modem.
But has some nice features like Auto Join and Network time request which returns LoRaWAN time sync to the MCU. I programme in Micropython so can’t help with C related stuff.

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