Need help with FUOTA deployment

Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to perform fuota on my Class-A Lora Device using Chirpstack application for quite sometime.
I am facing issues and would greatly appreciate if anyone can help with information or document that I can refer.

I am following below steps to perform the fuota operation using Chirpstack application.


  1. Create a device on chirpstack application (Provide devEUI, name, keys etc).
    The end device gets joined successfully and we can see the uplinks/downlinks on the web-gui [Please refer the attached image].

  2. Create a multicast group with the address and credentials (e.g. name, address, keys, DR, freq & class-C).

  3. Add the device created in step 1 above to the created mc group.

  4. Go to the device page and select “FIRMWARE” Tab to configure the fuota.

  5. Click on “CREATE FIRMWARE UPDATE JOB” and fill the required details as below:

    • Job name
    • Upload the firmware file.
    • Redundant frames (using 10 for the test)
    • Unicast timeout (using 100 seconds, my device reports every 60 seconds).
    • Datarate (using 12)
    • Frequency (using 923300000)
    • Multicast group type (select Class-C)
    • Multicast timeout (using 16384)

Current Behavior:

  1. The device joins with Chirpstack application without any issues. The periodic uplinks are received correctly and the downlink are also sent by application and received by fw.

  2. The end-device sends the “AppTimeReq” after joining, which can be seen on the chirpstack application.

  3. The application also responds back with “AppTimeAns” which is correctly received by the end-device.

  4. The clock sync in above step 3 is the last operation that happens. After which, no other command/request (such as MC group create, frag setup etc) are received on end-device.

  5. The end-device continues to operate in normal mode where it sends the Uplinks periodically but nothing is received back from the application.

Information about the end-device firmware:

The end-device firmware implements all the following packages required to support the fuota.

  1. LoRaWAN Application Layer Clock Synchronization
  2. LoRaWAN Remote Multicast Setup Specification
  3. LoRaWAN Fragmented Data Block Transport

Thank you for your time to read through this long post.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!