Need urgent help with enddevice payload

Please i need urgent help

I have successfully established the chirpstack network and added an end device and receiving a payload.
Gateway: kerlink
end device abeeway smart badge

  1. The problem is i am not seeing any information about the device in the uplink payload. like the location info battery info etc. it just gives empty json. If there is no device nformation, then what is the purpose of connecting the device ?
  2. and why there is no downlink after the uplink?
  3. i am not finding much documentation, if someone can guide me, i would sure appreciate it. I want to setup a dashboard front end where i want to see the movement of the device on a map in realtime. Please point me in the right direction as i have spent too much time with not much progress.

Anybody? pls help. i have a deadline to meet

here is a decoder for your device:

You can convert this with the script, but you still have to change something in the actual script from the URL. Or just follow their instructions.

// v3 to v4 compatibility wrapper
function decodeUplink(input) {
    return {
        data: Decode(input.fPort, input.bytes, input.variables)

and you can use the ttn device repository