Network name and Passphrase?

I apologize for the basic question, but my searches have led to dead ends.

I’m new to LoRa and am playing around with a multitech conduit kit. I’ve gotten pretty far –

  • Flashed the conduit with mLinux
  • Setup the packet forwarder and gateway bridge
  • Setup LoraServer
  • Setup LoraAppServer
  • Got the MQTT configured using default settings
  • Received MQTT joins, sent ACKs on custom topics
  • Got the mDot box sending join requests that are visible in the device Lorawan frames on the LoraServer web interface

I’m stuck on a pretty basic concept though. All of multitech’s documentation refers to a network name and passphrase, but I can’t find anything similar in LoraServer’s world.

My intent is to setup a central server to pass packets to other servers via MQTT for application processing in the pub/sub model, but I’m still trying to just create a network and test the threshold of this multitech gateway, to see if it’s what we want to use. Ideally we’d eventually host this as a public service – so I’ve read up on the public/private LoRa networks split and sync words. (I’m using public)

I’ve read up a bit on LoRa in general and feel that an individual sensor device connects to a cloud server or the network overall, instead of an individual gateway (so that a sensor can travel easily). Is this a concept that LoRaServer is offloading to another layer? Is this a Multitech proprietary configuration? Is it something else entirely?

I’ve even tried to reconfigure the mDot Box, but the config still requires a network name and passphrase.

Any documentation links would be incredibly helpful!


Is there any update on this query?
Is there a way on how the network name and pass phrase of multitech can be configured with Chirpstack

I found a way to connect mDot with Chirpstack solution.
The mDot can be using a network name and network passphrase but they will auto-generate the Network id and network key. We can get the value of the Network key using AT&V command on mDot.

Once we get the Network key which is equivalent to App Key in Chirpstack Application Device for OTA join mode, we can use it.

With this we can send AT+JOIN command from mDot which can be received by chirpstack.
Also check the Frequency sub band which is set in mdot, if it is 0 then some frames might be lost until it find the correct sub band to send the frame.

After the mDot joins the network, we can trigger a message by using AT+SEND=